The quarter has closed and it’s time to review our developer tools indices. Along with a check in, we’re using our indices to look at the overall…

March 2022

We launched the Polychrome Developer Tools Indices at the beginning of 2021 on the thesis that within B2B SaaS there was a particularly interesting area…

January 2022

Why isn’t that an API? With Browserless, it is. As more and more business processes move online, companies often find themselves wishing they could…

November 2021

This is a quick update on how the Polychrome Developer Tools Indices performed in Q3. We will continue to share lessons about SaaS operations and…

July 2021

An overview of financial planning and reporting, and Q2 update to the Polychrome Developer Tools indices
In a previous article, my partner Alex explained the importance of a strong net revenue retention rate and its correlation to a public company’s…

April 2021

An analysis on the importance of Net Revenue Retention Rate, and Q1 update to the Polychrome Developer Tools indices

March 2021

The interview

February 2021

My wife Sabine is German. Despite my last name suggesting that I was born in Germany too, I was born in the US (Seattle) and learned to speak German…
How to set-up your interview process

January 2021

How (and why) to set-up a podcast for your B2B Software company.
“During the gold rush, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.” - Mark Twain At Polychrome, we believe in the value of the B2B…